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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is Amazon such an awful workplace?

Well, if you came here to read about yet another poor bastard crying his eyes out in a lone Amazon cubicle - go to NYT or elsewhere. Because this ain't about it. This is the rant: rant about wimps bitching about a corporate culture that doesn't take into account their delicate souls or sophisticated personalities. And you know what - you aren't working there for free: if you think that your compensation doesn't balance out your alleged "moral damage" - quit. Yep, quit as in go somewhere else where you can sit in a conference room, hold each other hands and sing kumbaya all day long. And where you delicate horseshit will be appreciated.

For the record: I am not working for Amazon and never did. But I was at that company once, which was pretty great in the beginning but had turned into a complete shit-hole in about five months. And when the stink in that place became unbearable - I did just that: I quit. I didn't go to overly politicized NYT or the clown-ass Huffpost to bitch about how diminishing the place was, or how devastating to the very engineering culture the management style was. Nope - I just moved on.

So, the lesson here is pretty simple: stop bitching and take charge of your life or move back into your mommy's basement: 'cause Bezos isn't your daddy.

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