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Saturday, June 18, 2011

How clueless are people watching TV if anchors are that DUMB?

As Bob Wenzel reports here referring to a talk Porter Stansberry some of the anchors from Fox (I guarantee that democratic media outlets are no better)  discussing economy, finances, and whatnot are totally ignorant (yet apparently arrogant). For instance they have no idea that:
  • US was on gold standard for almost 200 years
  • FDR performed a biggest robbery of US citizens in the history of this coutry
  • it was illegal for ameicans to own gold from 1933 up until 1974
  • and so on
How clueless should be the people watching the zombo-box called TV-set to keep watching it over and over and then make "educated" decisions about matters based on what they merely overhead there?

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