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Saturday, April 30, 2011

On first derivative of US national debts growth (again)

As I have observed in national debts just under $12T and in increase of first derivative of US debts earlier the US debts growth is accelerating.

Today I have ran my magic script (which can be grabbed from Github) again and here's new result:
In slightly over one year the public debts grew another $1.8T and now is at the level of

  • 30/04/2011-13:45:03 $14,290,452,738,703.97  Growing by: $46,676/sec
(yes, this is a representative sample from about 40 probes)

For those who are lazy and don't want to click through the links above:

11/10/2009: $12.0T (~$42K/sec)
03/14/2010: $12.6T (~$46K/sec)
04/30/2011: $14.3T (~$47K/sec)

As one of my readers pointed out in about 100 years US (if is still around by then, which isn't likely, BTW) will be putting on $10^12/sec of government debt! This, lady and gentlemen, is about $1T/sec. Just think how much a loath of bread will cost your grandchildren and what kind of slaves they are going to be.

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